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I had the pleasure of connecting with Mr. Tarun Agarwala for an important Leadership Intervention at Sun Mobility. Our objective was to conduct a 360 Feedback for the Leadership Team, which played a crucial role in shaping our organizational culture. This exercise aimed to foster introspection, build a shared understanding, and enhance team accountability.
Tarun demonstrated great understanding of our requirements, asking insightful questions and engaging with stakeholders. His energy and enthusiasm were infectious, leading us to develop a well-defined intervention plan within a short timeframe.

One of the most notable aspects was the methodology used for administering the tools. We began by gathering feedback from a large pool of employees, setting the context for the exercise. Subsequently, we obtained 360 Degree feedback from subordinates, peers, and superiors, following a unique and comprehensive approach without taking any shortcuts. Once we collected the data, Artificial Intelligence was employed to derive insights, providing individuals with a detailed analysis of the 12 dimensions to reflect upon.

The contrasting information gathered from different stakeholders added depth to the exercise.​The outcome of this intervention left the Leadership Team and me, from the HR department, extremely satisfied. It was a valuable learning experience, and the energy, time, and resources invested yielded rich dividends.​  While we underestimated the time it would take for participants to respond, we are thrilled with the final results.I am delighted to provide this recommendation for Mr. Tarun Agarwala. His insights, passion, and energy are a testament to his commitment to making a profound impact in Organization Development.

Aparnesh Singh

Chief Human Resources Officer, SUN MOBILITY

Through the Leadership Intervention conducted by Mr. Tarun Agarwala, we gained a mathematical view of the organization’s overall motive, represented by six factors, across twelve logical dimensions. This provided us with an objective and quantifiable perspective on the organization’s overarching goals. 

Additionally, the intervention allowed us to obtain an unbiased view of how my reportees perceive me. This feedback proved to be invaluable in recalibrating my work relations with them, fostering better understanding and collaboration.​The combination of mathematical insights and unbiased feedback has provided us with a comprehensive understanding of our organization’s dynamics and enabled us to make informed adjustments for enhanced effectiveness and productivity.

Balaji Iyer

Head of Field Operations, Sun Mobility

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